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DIY home renovations: Our experience, before and after!

IKEA kitchen home renovations

DIY home renovations – I’ll admit they always scared me. I was never very handy and would require assistance (more like supervision) to change a lightbulb. However, once Franky and I started house hunting we quickly realised we wanted to make our first home our own, plus add a bit of extra value to the place. So, this young couple with a background in communications and IT (not exactly helpful) decided to do a ‘little reno project’. We found a...

3 tips to entertain on a budget

Young and Co wine

Fancy staying in and having some friends over? Staying at home can often be much more social and rewarding than going out. The playlists are yours, your shoes are comfortable and you don’t have annoying guys hitting on you at the bar. While there is some organising and cooking involved, it can all be done on a budget. Here are my top three entertaining ideas that are sure to be a hit with your friends! Better yet, they won’t break the bank.

VIDEO: Natural Glam Makeup Tutorial | L’Oreal Paris Infallible Range


A new YouTube video is live: Natural Glam Makeup Tutorial | L’Oreal Paris Infallible Range Watch below or click through to Youtube. In order of use: – L’Oreal Paris Infallible Magic Essence Drops – Infallible 24HR Fresh Wear Liquid Foundation 120 Vanilla – Sigma 3DHD Max Kabuki Brush (use code chicontherun for 10% off!) – Mac Prep + Prime Fix+ Goldlite – MAC Eye Brow Styler in Lingering – Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette – MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft...

Mid-year beauty report: top 8 makeup products of 2019

LUMA highlighter

I have always been obsessed with collecting makeup. I am a sucker for unique packaging, eye-catching shimmers and vibrant pigments. I’m extremely lucky to try many amazing products and now would like to share my favorites of 2019! Similarly to my recent skincare report, see my best makeup products of 2019: 8. MAKEUP BRUSHES­ My go-to makeup brushes have always been Sigma (I even have a discount for you all – chicontherun for 10% off ;)). As mentioned previously in...

Mid-year beauty report: best skin care products of 2019

Chic on the Run Australia beauty blogger

As a blogger I am really lucky to try many amazing beauty and skincare products. I love sharing my thoughts, experiences and things that worked for me. Now that it’s halfway through the year, I thought it was a good time to highlight my best skin care products of 2019. While everyone’s skin has different needs, for my ‘normal’ skin type the following products were a clear stand out. If you’ve tried any of the below or have any more...

EXYRA Eyewear review: Cut the effects of screen time

EXYRA Blue-Light Eyewear

Do you spend most of your day in front of a screen? I’m sure you’re aware it can damage your eyes, but did you know there is an easy solution? Eye fatigue, headaches, insomnia and even wrinkles are all linked with exposure to blue light emitted from screens. Here is how EXYRA Eyewear can help. WHAT IS BLUE LIGHT? According to a study, four eight-hour workdays in front of a computer exposes the skin to the same amount of energy...

How to maintain glowing skin in winter: Neutriderm Lotion Review

Winter skincare routine with Neutriderm

Do you struggle to keep your skincare routine in check during the colder months? I certainly become particularly lazy and ignore the rest of my body when it comes to skin care. Well, truth is, the way our skin looks in summer has a lot to do with how we look after it in winter. In fact, skincare is a lifetime commitment and the more consistent you are with moisturising, exfoliating and hydrating the better your skin will look year-round....

10 Tips For Travelling to Japan For First Timers


Are you thinking of travelling to Japan? Japan is a place full of wonder, culture, amazing food, crazy nightlife and lots of energy. There is always something to do but sometimes it can be a little overwhelming. After two trips and nearly two months in this beautiful country I compiled my best tips to help you relax and enjoy a stress-free holiday. Transportation and getting around Get a Suica card Japan metro systems are fantastic and provide an easy way...

A look into Arbonne’s new botanical makeup palettes

Arbonne It’s All in the Eyes Starlight glow

Makeup that makes you glow on the outside as well as within? Yes, please. When it comes to anti-aging and skin healing botanicals, I’m the first to put my hand up and test it all out. Now, Arbonne launched three new palettes to take care of your eye and face glam! Firstly, It’s All in the Eyes are two specially curated 12-shadow palettes inspired by earthy terrains and vibrant gemstones. Then, there’s Starlight Glow – a red carpet worthy highlighting...

Femme Luxe Clothing Review: Is it worth the money?


Are you looking for a new budget online shopping destination? Last week, I received an order from FemmeLuxe Finery and honestly, I would have never thought to check this site. When FemmeLuxe approached me for a collaboration I scrolled through their looks and they had major Instagram girl vibes. So I thought, hey – why not, it’s probably quiet fitting giving what I do. FemmeLuxe: Who are they? FemmeLuxe describe themselves as ‘current, classy and forward thinking’. They bring outfits...

My 4 best places to eat in Canberra

4 best places to eat in Canberra

“What are the best places to eat in Canberra?”. Lately, I can’t seem to keep up with the influx of trendy bars and restaurants popping up around our capital. Despite the rise plenty of new venues, the long-standing Canberra favourites keep up by releasing new menus and fun ways to dine! Due to all the excitement across the Nation’s capital, I decided to spend a few weeks visiting trendy Canberra bars and restaurants in hope of finding the best. Read on to...