30 reasons to exercise

May 24, 2016

Monday-itis is real. After having two days off, exercising at a time that fitted my sleeping schedule, I needed motivation to get out of bed and get moving.

As I laid there weighing out the pro’s and con’s of getting out of bed…“I really DO need a rest day”“Exercising will make my day so much more productive”… I realised this was a case of not wanting to workout when I really should.

There’s definitely times when we need rest and should take that sleep in, but our bodies are the first to let us know! On this particular Monday I had no excuses. I had a restful weekend, my body clock woke me up about 15 minutes before my alarm and my gym clothes were set out next to my bed ready to be worn. This was a true case of Monday-itis and I needed a cure!

To help myself get over the hurdle, I compiled this motivational list of 30 reasons to exercise! I hope you find this list valuable and continue towards your fitness goals.

A blog with a purpouse to highlight all the marvellous things in life: fashion, fitness, travel and beauty.
A blog with a purpouse to highlight all the marvellous things in life: fashion, fitness, travel and beauty.

1. Exercise to feel happier
2. Feel more confident
3. To combat anxiety and depression
4. Exercise to be more alert and focused throughout your day
5. To sleep better
6.To get closer to your goals
7. Exercise to feel proud of yourself
8. To look better in your clothes
9. Exercise to get a great butt
10. To get better posture
11. To avoid back pain
12. Exercise so you don’t feel as guilty about having a treat
13. To take care of your body
14. To get stronger
15. To beat ageing
16. Exercise to boost your immune system
17. To become smarter
18. To feel more motivated
19. To makes shopping more fun
20. To rock a bikini in summer
21. Exercise to look good in holiday snaps
22. To spend some time alone
23. To boost your metabolism
24. To boost creativity
25. Exercise to strengthen your heart
26. To fight dementia
27. To get your skin glowing
28. To improve your sex life
29. Exercise to motivate others around you to do the same
30. Exercise because you won’t regret that you did!

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