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My festive season essentials

Festive season is nearly upon us! That means Christmas parties, races and end of year celebrations are near. Going from one event to another can be overwhelming, so it’s important to be prepared with the right accessories and must-have products. I’ve listed out the essentials, my top picks for the festive season. HINT: They also make great gift ideas and stocking stuffers! Blister Balm If you’re worried about getting a blister from your new heels, Blister Balm might be your...

Expert nail care tips to follow this Autumn

Do you struggle to keep your nails healthy and strong? Particularly in winter, the cold weather, lack of vitamins and sunlight can cause many deficiencies in our bodies. Many of these deficiencies can cause our nails to become brittle and dull. Alternatively, if you frequently visit salons and wear acrylic nails or nail extensions, your natural nails can become weak. Recently, I made a decision to stop ruining my nails with acrylics and caught up with an nail professional.  Jackie Honney, partner at...


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