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New Year’s fashion resolutions

With our increasingly busy lifestyles sometimes it’s easy to fall into a fashion rut by always sticking to what we know, rather than taking risks. This year, try for at least one New Year’s fashion resolution and promise yourself to take a risk and try something new. Many great trends are forecasted for 2015 (read about them here) so why not try and master one and have an incredible year of fashion! New Year’s resolution 1: Wear more hats. Hat’s...

Style Inspiration: Work Christmas Party

Hard to believe but it’s already that time of year! The office workload begins to slow down (or speed up!) and there’s one thing on everyone’s lips: the work Christmas Party. This is the perfect time to unwind, let go of the stresses over the past year and celebrate a great 2014 with a glass of champagne! Whether you work in an office, a construction site or in a retail store the general expectation is to behave responsibly, don’t get...

Get it, shorty

Now that it is getting warmer (in the Southern Hemisphere at least) we are beginning to unveil our summer clothes and packing away the chunky winter knits. Doing this myself recently I stumbled upon quite a few skorts that I collected at the end of the last summer season. If you don’t know, skorts are a combination of a skirt and a pair of shorts. Most of them appear to look like skirts but provide the comfort and the freedom...


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